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Time of War: Fullmetal Alchemist: 001 - The vacuum of time

Title: Time of War
Author/Artist: melodyic_rhyme
Rating: G
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing/s: None
Theme: 001 - the vacuum of time
Genre/s: angst
Warnings: no spoilers.
Words: 429
Summary: Time was a cruel thing. It rushed when you wanted it to slow, slowed when you wanted it to rush, and other times it seemed to disappear completly.
Disclaimer/Claimer: Hagaren is owned completely and totally by Hiromu Arakawa. I own nothing, an no copyright infringement is intended

Time is a bizarre thing. In retrospect, it is fleeting, but at any given moment, it is forgotten as people go about enjoying their lives, losing track of time as they laugh. However, when alone, it seems to stretch for eternity

Riza Hawkeye did not need to be told this. She felt time slowing every day, as it did not exist. Everyday it was the same. It was the same
battlefield, the same gun, and even her dark-skinned victims began to look the same as all the others.

At first, she tried to keep track: the hours, the days, the weeks, and the number of people she killed; but it became impossible. The only indications of passing days were the sun and moon rising and falling in their eternal dance, but it eventually even the comfort of that wore off as each day became as monotonous as the last.

While it seemed that time had disappeared, it was still in motion, and it often brings an end to things.

"The war's over."
Those four words were what every single soldier in Ishval had been waiting to hear, and Riza Hawkeye was no different. However, time continued moved slowly for her, dragging on as the world seemed to quickly pack up to leave and forget the battleground. It did not seem that the war was over, but that this was a strange dream. She expected to wake-up in the same tent, and then go on the same duties as she had for years but she did not.

She walked at a distance behind the other soldiers, still dazed.
Although she tried to look ahead as she walked, something caught her eye. She stopped, letting the others leave her behind.
It was a deceased Ishvalan child, bloody and abandoned on the side of the road. Riza did not have to wonder what had happened to his family. They were either killed by her comrades, or cursed to wonder in the desert. Riza stared at the body, thinking. She had sometimes truly believed that time had stopped on the battlefield, but She was still there breathing and musing. This boy could do no longer do either of these things. Time had forgotten him, leaving nature to decay him. He would no longer see the sun climb and fall, or see the moon make the same journey.
Riza Hawkeye thought all of this, and she found it incredibly sad. He
was just a child, and she did not want his existence lost to time.

She knelt down and made the boy a grave.
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