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500themes's Journal

500themes: Write a Story for Each Prompt!
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A writing challenge for the completely insane! No restrictions, no deadlines, no limits!
Last edited on 8/23/2011.

The Emblem of Helios

Icon is courtesy of the fantasmically amazing paper_grenade.

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Greetings, reader and welcome to

I know, I know, you've all heard it before, but you're gonna hear it again, so you may as well just sit back, relax and listen, akay?

The below info was all magically yoinked from
whose info was kidnapped for ransom from
whose info was snatched by a band of hobbit thieves in the dead of the night from
and tweaked to suit the spirit of this particular challenge.

Ready? Here we go.

Who We Are

We are a friendly, low-pressure (heheheh yeah right) community of writers and artists who want to explore and develop their writing and/or drawing skills. We can't truly say we were inspired by any particular community, as we have yet to come across a challenge this large, but we love, respect and are morally inspired by every single one of those amazing writing and themed coms out there. For a real list of the incredible work other mods have done, then visit

Writers/artists of all fandoms are invited to participate, and couples of all orientations are welcome and encouraged. Homophobia/heterophobia will absolutely NOT be tolerated. If you are either, then leave. Now.

This community might contain mature content. However, we will not limit what you are to read, so please surf at your own peril!

Feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks, but don't be intimidated.

Er...well...you might be just a teensy bit intimidated, but I promise! It's really quite harmless!

Writers and artists of all levels are welcome, so don't be shy. I promise we don't bite.


You may click
to meet the Dragon! His name is Helios and the muses love him. Note that it's not a table and there is very little in the way of HTML code due to the size of it and the fact that once you add in the HTML linking to your stories, there's a chance that 300 or so prompts in, you'll slam into LJ's posting limit and have to split ol' Helios down the middle. Feel free to add any tags you like though. I just tried not to land you with a list that might give you trouble a bit later on.

How It Works


All right folks, sit down, shut up and listen closely, because this is a little different. Eh! You in the back! Can it. Everyone quiet? Good. Here's how it works.

I have two words for you. Open Fandom. For those of you who aren't quite sure what that means, it's pretty simple. It means you can write about anything. Any characters, any groups, any fandoms you please. The mods understand the absurdity of trying to squeeze out 500 fics for one specific character/pairing/series/etc, so we've made it easier for ya.

However, just do us a favor. If the fandoms you want to write in aren't in the Tags List, just let us know
so we can add them for you.

Simple? You know it!

Original characters, original stories, OCs with fandom characters, crossovers between two fandoms, RP fiction, AU stories, drabbles, flash fictions, short stories, novelas, novels, epics, poetry, lyrics, screenplays, songfics, etc. are all acceptable. Icons and/or banners are not. (Try
for things such as that.)

When you've completed your table, first thing you must do is squeal, flail and brag. Brag brag brag brag brag brag and brag some more. You've accomplished something not many people have. Then you must
enter the arena
to receive your accolades and awards.

Dropped Claims:
We understand this challenge is a big one and even with no time limit, it may just be too overwhelming to continue. If you find you must surrender to the dragon, please do us a favor and just
drop off
your username so we can remove you from the tags list so nobody tries posting with your tag. Don't worry. We'll replace it with a 'Surrendered Claim' tag and your name so people can still find your fics.

The Deadline:
Deadline? Deadline. Heheh that's funny. They make such perdy music as they streak past. We should all listen to such sounds more often. Seriously, it's gonna take you a year minimum to tackle the Dragon, and that's if you write something every day. You're settling in for a pretty long haul. We're not gonna make it even harder by wrangling you with stupid deadlines that do nothing but piss off the muses.

Only fic/art may be posted to this community. (Advertisements for other communities are not allowed.) If you want to affiliate with us, then
click here
and allow up to 24 hours for your community to be listed at the bottom of this page.

You may use
fake cuts
but you must have the correct subject and header information as well as a link to the actual location.

The Idea

Themes do not have to be written in any particular order. All you need do is complete 500 of them! Just write as the muse strikes!

Feel free to interpret each theme however you wish. They are by no means guidelines, they are merely there for inspiration! You can use the theme outright, revolve your fic around it or do something completely different. For example, if 'A love remembered' makes you think of ninth grade and your first introduction to Romeo and Juliet which in turn makes you think of that test you failed in Mister Blippy's class which in turn inspires you to write about Josh, the hot guy who sat behind you in English, then go for it. All the power to ya.

The style of your entries is completely up to you. For authors, it can be as short as a drabble or haiku, or as long as a multi-chaptered novel. For artists, it can be a full watercolor or the five-minute sketch you did before class. All that's important is capturing the feeling of the theme.

(Note: If you're not writing a poem, then the minimum word count is 100 words, which any author could do in their sleep.)

Works in Progress:
Guys, 500 themes and no WIPs? I'm not that cruel. I mean, we'd all still like this to be a challenge, but if you have a few WIPs that will fit, then go for it.


When you post, please use the following format:

Subject line:
Title: Fandom: Theme number - Theme


Feel free to remove what isn't applicable.

Example Header

Subject: Waiting: Lord of the Rings: 129 - Touched by an angel.

Title: Waiting
Author/Artist: Samara Raine
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Aragorn/Boromir
Theme: 129. Touched by an angel.
Words: 500
Genre/s: Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: Slash
Worksafe: Yes
Summary: It was a habbit with rangers, being late. I was certain of it as I waited beside the empty thrown in Minas Tirith while all my friends passed me, their arms around those they loved. I knew he would come. He had never lied before. However, when everyone was gone and he still did not show, my heart leapt into my throat and a roiling mass of doubt began to naw mercilessly at my certainty of the promise he had made.
Disclaimer/Claimer: Lord of the Rings is the sole property of J. R. R. Tolkien and New Line Cinema. I own nothing. No money is being made by the creation of this work and no copyright infringement is intended.

The phrase 'Your Work Behind Here' will turn into a link, so just substitute it with either the title of the fic, the first line...whatever you want your readers/viewers to click on.

Note 1: Posts without a subject will be deleted.

Note 2: If you're combining fics in one post, you are permitted to drop the title. If you're only posting one fic at a time, please include the title of your fic in the subject line.

Anything longer than a teaser paragraph of your fic and ALL artwork must be put behind an LJ-cut. (See the example above to learn how to do this).

All ratings are welcome, but anything of an R or higher rating must be clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut.

You do it, you're gone. No warning, and a nice long and nasty letter from me, your mod. And hey, if you're particularly lucky, you may even receive a little visit from Frank himself.

Feedback is always encouraged and beamed upon. However, there is a fine line between constructive criticism and flaming. Don't cross it, or you're out.

If you have any other questions, please check out the

List of Links

Community FAQ
Meet Helios, the Dragon king of prompt lists and tables everywhere
Get a Username Tag/Ask For An Unlisted Fandom
Become a Champion!
Surrender to the dragon
Become an affiliate

Your Mods

Samara: Main mod
Ivy: Co-mod and banner extrordinaire!

If you are interested in becoming a co-mod or if you would like to create banners, shinies or anything else, then please feel free to
drop me a line
and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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Remember, if you wish to become an affiliate, then
fill out this form
and wait up to 24 hours to be added to the list.